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APUC has a career since 1998 at the construction industry. After seventeen years of activity, the company has consolidated its position in this competitive sector, having successfully carried out hundreds of private and public works. APUC's quality and environmental management systems are consistently and rigorously implemented. Throughout the years, the company has adjusted its size in accordance with its needs, with a dedicated, enthusiast, qualified and professional staff. Each and every employee, from labourers and work superintendents to office workers and engineers, topographers and architects, skilled workers, construction and financial directors, foremen and general directors, all form part of APUC, and the company owes them its first seventeen years of activity as well as its present stability and strength.

This web site is an x-ray of the company, a sample of its finest works -

and constructions, of the added value which its classification as State Contractor and its Seals of Quality represent, a display of its main areas of action –such as civil works, construction and services–, a synthesis of the new activities of the company (real estate and photovoltaic technology), as well as a preview of APUC's immediate future through its portfolio of clients.

APUC has constructed hotels, apartment buildings and industrial warehouses; it has maintained, reinforced and built dual carriageways as well as rural and urban roads; it has built schools, colleges, along with public sports and social centres; it has renovated outstanding monuments and buildings, built parks and gardens, sewer and sanitation networks, waste water treatment plants and ecoparks. None of these achievements would have been possible without the daily effort of its workers and the trust of its clients.