evolucion de los recursos humanos
APUC human resources graphic

APUC has expanded progressively since its establishment. With common sense as its guide, the company has been careful in the selection of the projects in which it has been involved and in the hiring of its personnel.

With a total of sixty workers, the company is able to cover every area in which it is involved. The incorporation of new employees, reflecting the sustained growth of the company, has been adapted to the real needs of such a fluctuating market as is the field of construction.

The diagram on this page shows the evolution of the company's human resources during the first ten years of APUC's existence. Likewise, it is a synthesis of the essential criteria which have governed the development of the company ever since its beginning, such as foresight and rigor. These principles have allowed APUC to successfully contend with difficult economic periods, such as the present one. Thus, APUC has hired 24 and 12 workers in 2007 and 2008 respectively.