obras realizadas

APUC has executed hundreds of projects in its ten years in business, starting with the ecoparks constructed for GIRSA, the Parque de la Fauna Ibérica in El Rebollar and the school for the Ministry of Culture in Cortes de Arenoso, and continuing with the maintenance of the A4 Sector in Alicante, awarded by the Ministry of Public Works, the construction and operation of the Municipal Swimming Pool of Benetusser and the construction of the Official School of Languages in Xátiva. While these projects were executed with the patience of true craftsmen, importance was also given to meeting deadlines, technical rigour and the professionalism required by such a competitive and developed sector as construction.

All the projects executed by APUC are equally important and worthy of attention; from the construction of an individual house to an apartment building or a Public School, from the planning and landscaping of a public square to the construction of a State motorway, from the upgrading of a water network to the construction of a waste water plant. All the projects fulfil the same requirements regarding quality, environmental management, security and hygiene, as well as the same technical and professional commitment. The following list of projects brings together some of most relevant works carried out by APUC:

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