Una vez consolidada como constructora, APUC inicia una estrategia diversificadora con base en dos actividades fundamentales como son la promoción inmobiliaria y la energía fotovoltaica
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For the development of the first activity, the company has operated through CUPA, a real estate company which undertakes the development of small and medium-sized housing developments. Aware from the start of the volatibility of the sector, CUPA has invested judiciously in land for urban development of small size, constructing and promoting buildings of excellent quality which are easy to sell, with a reduced number of houses per development, always under twenty. Accordingly, housing developments have been constructed in municipalities such as Rocafort, Picassent, Villamarchante and Requena, some of which have already been sold completely.

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Considering that, ever since its establishment, APUC has endeavoured to develop its economic activity with maximum respect to the environment, the production of renewable energy is understandably an area of interest for the company.

Accordingly, the company has expanded its activities into the sector of photovoltaic energy through the SOLCON company, developing two of the most important projects in the Valencian municipalities of Cotes and Bolbaite. These projects, almost finalised at the administrative level, will allow the company to produce up to 40 Megawatts of electricity.


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